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At DEL Communications trade publications are our expertise.  We specialize in niche markets in Canada, North America and globally.  Over the years we have worked with over 125 associations, created more than 500-plus association and proprietary projects; and distributed thousands of issues by mail, electronically, and at numerous trade shows and events.

Your association and its members are an integral part of your chosen industry.  Effective communications to your members is needed to distribute important industry news, best practices, new technologies, legislative changes, and so much more.

Creating an official magazine for your association is a big undertaking. From sourcing content to layout and design, to advertising sales, printing, mailing, etc., it’s a lot of work.  Whether it’s annual, biannual, or quarterly, your publication reflects your association’s goals and contains the news your members want to read.


Step 1 - Meet & Greet

You have an association and you have members.  You have important information you want to share and you want to do it efficiently, cost-effectively, and professionally.  Do you need a print magazine, a print directory, electronic newsletter, or an online directory?  Maybe a website?  Perhaps all of the above?

We can meet with you and your team to discuss your needs by phone, email, virtually on Zoom or Microsoft Teams, or we can fly to any location in North America.

Step 2 - Advertising Sales

The meet and greet is over and we have come to an agreement, now let’s get some sales!  Our team of dedicated sales staff has decades of experience and will work tirelessly to reach out to your target audience and generate revenue.  Our profit-sharing model ensures you get a portion of all sales, which can be used towards operating expenses, scholarships, etc.

Step 3 - Editorial

The industry says a good balance of editorial and display advertising is a 60/40 ratio. Our editorial team are trained professionals and you will be assigned an editor to work with to create the content for your publication. The stories can be gathered by you or written by us. As well, many of our industry advertisers greatly appreciate submitting their own editorial upon approval.

Step 4 - Layout & Design

This is when all the puzzle pieces come together. Over the decades, we have done layout and design for hundreds of publications and thousands of issues. We take care of this step so you don’t have to.

Same goes for your members. All advertisers are given the option of having artwork created for their ads at no cost to them. DEL Communications has designed thousands of complimentary ads on behalf of advertisers.

Step 5 - Print & Digital

All our publications start out as a print-ready PDF and this allows us to quickly transfer the publication to our printer. Although we do have a printer we regularly work with, some associations have requested that we use a local printer in their jurisdiction, which we are happy to do so.

Every association is also given a PDF to create a flip-book style publication to read digitally which you can send to members through email or upload directly on your website.

Step 6 - Distribution

Your publication is complete, now let’s launch it to your target audience.  A mailing list is created and our mailing house will distribute to your members, government officials, associations, and many more. We can also send out an email blast and have your audience read it online.

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, websites, Google rankings, trade shows and events are other forms of marketing we use to get a wider reach of readers for your publication.

Step 7 - Collections

Don’t worry, our accounting department does all the financial tracking, invoicing, and collections.

You just wait for your profit-sharing cheque to arrive in the mail.


  • Highlight projects happening in your region and the members who worked on them.
  • Explain the benefits of your association and what you bring to the table.⁠
  • Foster a sense of community for your members.⁠
  • Profile upcoming events and conferences.⁠
  • Non-dues revenue source for your association through our advertising partnership model.

Your trade association publication should be a badge of honour and should represent your mission and your message. Distributing your message through a print magazine or e-newsletter is an effective way of keeping your members informed.  

At DEL Communications Inc. we can custom tailor a print magazine or e-newsletter and our profit-sharing model helps too.  Since 2001, we have worked in partnership with numerous associations, chambers, societies, and groups all over North America.

On a recent exploratory call with a new association, they couldn’t believe that their association could get a magazine at no cost to them AND they also get money from the advertising revenue.

We are here to help your association spread your news and share members’ stories. We let associations be as hands-on (or off) as possible. Although this is a partnership, our editors will help guide your staff on what should be included in each issue and will work hand-in-hand on crafting the content that your members want to read.

Want to learn more about how we can help your association, organization, or chamber with a publication?

Send us a message and let’s chat!